All on four Dental Implants

An implant-supported solution which restores the beauty of your smile, so treat your multiple tooth loss in good condition

The traditional dentures that look and feel like natural teeth that gives you all on 4 permanent solution.

In past,the dentist offer to keep implantation at last and prescribe medicine if possible.

But now more or in many cases dentist got a success as a for replacing the tooth of there patient.

But not only they feel there teeth improper but also they feel difficult in chewing there food and also feel some ill ness regarding there tooth

The implant system that we provide you with the good functionality and bite quality which you expect that your teeth look natural and you feel good.

But now the dentist are so trained and well known about the dental care and have expertise ,because of which we cannot go through such kind of problems like cannot handle your chewing aur eating some hard snacks.

  • How can All-on-4 restore the function and beauty of my missing teeth?

The dental implants are the permanent solution of teeth replacement, durability and offering unprecendented stability.

The patient’s jaw-bone is used to provide a solid “root-like”structure support to your prosthetic teeth and the titanium implants which implant to the patient

mouth which is suitable to the human body is the precise implant to the the patient tooth and it start functioning like a natural teeth .

The complete multiple treatment is completed in 18 months before depending on the number of implants required.

In fact they look and feel like a natural teeth and also does not cause any problems while chewing the food.

  • How does All on 4 work?

This All-on-4 is recommended surgery who have lost there most of the teeth , so they can prefer there tooth for the All-on-4 implantation.

Anchor for a full dental bridge that serves as a titanium implants and it involves as a precise placement.

The bridge only needs four dental implants and hence they are called as moniker.

All-on-4 technique has the same structural requring a lesser of implants.

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