Best implant dentists in Mumbai

Posts protruding through the gums when attached to the implants provide an anchor for the artificial teeth.

  • Single implant to full mouth implants
  • Implants with lifetime warranty
  • Implant crown
  • Implant fixed partial Denture
  • Implant Overdenture
  • Hybrid Dentures
  • Single tooth replacement

1.A single implant is placed.
Individually made ceramic crowns look and feel like natural teeth.

2.Multiple Tooth Replacement

A Bridge supported on implants.
Natural looking replacement for missing teeth

3.Full mouth replacement of teeth

A. With Removable implant overdenture: Removable Implant Overdenture

      • Cost effective option.
      • New teeth are attached to 2 or more dental implants.
      • The prosthesis is removable.
      • Easy to clean and maintain.
      • The need for denture adhesive is eliminated.

B. With Fixed implant supported bridges:

    • More durable solution
    • The prosthesis is secured on 4 or more dental implants.
    • It is not removable from the oral cavity.
    • This solution stimulates bone, restores chewing function and maintains taste sensation.