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October 8, 2015

Best Nobelbiocare dental implant dentist in India providing dental treatment & services

Nobel Biocare dental implants are the convenient permanent answer to the question: What to do when without teeth? More often than not people start leading normal lives as soon as the dental implants are laid in place. Nobel biocare dental implants laid expertly in your mouth help you eat, nod, shake your head, and even indulge in age appropriate exercises. Nobel Biocare dental implants can help you lead better, more productive lives and help you spend quality time with your family, not in suffering, but in peace. No more will your speech be garbled or you appear to mumble in front of your grandchildren. You will be the object of the affection of your children. No more will your mouth come in the way of quality times to be spent with friends. Nobel Biocare, based in Kloten, Switzerland (near Zurich Airport) are specialist manufactures of dental implants and CAD/CAM-based individualized prosthetics. The idea of Nobel Biocare and Nobel Biocare dental implants originates in a partnership formed in 1978 between Swedish medical researcher Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark and Bofors, a Swedish engineering and special projects company, to industrialize and, therefore, democratize Brånemark’s discovery of osseointegration (the fusing of titanium with bone). Nobel Biocare employs about 2,50

October 8, 2015

Get Immediate function dental implants in an friendly atmosphere & advanced technology in Mumbai

Immediate Function Dental Implants is concept of Amazing Teeth Now. Previous surgical implants was consuming time for the surgical procedure. Now we have revolutinised our solutions by providing you with the beautiful teeth,shinning,and give you a dazzling natural looking teeth. As the Since is getting better day by day we have made treatment so faster and in easy way.The patient would be comfort and easy and it will cause no healing to the patient. In just one treatment we can have a bright and shinning teeth ,It is possible to get back your missing teeth. If you imagine your teeth should be all others in your surrounding and you can smile with a beautiful teeth without any hesitation than, Dr.Turner’s Specialty Dental Center offers you to get your teeth in One Visit. The four to six month implant integration period that’s usually required before new teeth can be placed in only One Visit.

  • Our Immediate function Dental implants Services include
  1. Nobel Biocare Dental Implants
  2. All on four Dental Implants
  3. Immediate loading, immediate dental implantation
  4. Teeth in an hour Dental implants
  5. Implant over dentures
  6. Screw retained prosthesis
  • Advantages of Immediate func

October 8, 2015

Zirconia dental crowns for smile make-over in Mumbai

  • What is a zirconia crown?

The Zirconia dental crown is very strong material. The Zirconia dental crown is suitable to the human body. Zirconia dental crowns is also known as strength is used in medical application such as artificial joints and is known for its strength and durability. Zirconia it is a type of a crystal that is long lasting and indestructible. Zirconia does not have any fear about the body rejecting or displaying any allergic reaction. Many people uses porcelain fused to metal crowns as it is safe to use by the human beings.

  • How is a zirconia crown fitted?

The crowns uses two stages process as it is first stage is known as Preparation and the second stage is known as fitting crown. The first stage which is known as Preparation which are assessed and measured as a crown. The dentist will discuss with the patient before preparing there decayed tooth. Before giving a shape to the patient tooth firstly the dentist should have to clean there affected tooth. The small silver have to remove before giving a local anesthetic which gives a correct shape to the crown. For testing a new crown a mould is placed with a dental putty which patient has to bite .This is also known as guide production which is done is dental laboratory. The second

October 8, 2015

Gummy Smile treatment in India for that wonderful smile

  • What is a gummy smile?

A “Gummy Smile”, are more than the gum tissue is shown and it is not appropriate to the gum to the tooth. The people who have this have to face a lot of embarrassment and they feel very embarrassing when they smile, and generally loss a lot of self confidence. The people who are having this they sometimes feel if there is any medical way of making there gum look attractive. Now, The Science is so fast that the Dentist can make our smile attractive. So the good news is that there is a way to correct your gummy smile, so that you can smile normally again and do not feel self-esteemed. The way of correcting our gums proper can be done by a simple method , as dentistry is nowadays so advanced and popular that the gummy smile can be done by periodontal plastic surgery procedures. This surgical procedure is painless and doesn’t harm you , and you will be amazed at the results it shows.

  • Causes of Gummy Smile?

There are various reasons as to causes of a gummy smile.

  1. Certain medications cause gummy smile like(Dilantin, Cyclosporine, and numerous calcium channel blockers)or overgrowth of gum tissue (hyperplasia)
  2. Gummy smile(hyperplasia) due to orthodontic treatment
  3. Because of poor oral hygiene inflamma

October 8, 2015

Best Dental implant clinics in India with advanced dental treatments

Dental clinics in Mumbai with advanced dental treatments   From Nobel Biocare dental implants and endodontic treatments to smile makeovers all dental services at Dr Turner’s Specialty Dental Care ISO 9001:2008 certified dental clinics in Mumbai are provided in a warm, caring, and understanding ambience. Dr. Ashdin Turner and Dr. Ferzin Turner were granted masters degree in Oral Implantology from the prestigious Goethe university in Frankfurt Germany. Both of them are double masters in the field of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics and lecture extensively in India and abroad on Dental Implant breakthroughs and the finer aspects of Oral Implantology in today’s times, keeping in mind the wants and needs of the patient…their drive towards excellence continues.   Dr. Ashdin Turner and Dr. Ferzin Turner are prosthodontists that offer all their patients Nobel Biocare all-on-4 dental implants solutions, and Nobel Biocare teeth in an hour dental implants solutions Dr Turner’s Specialty Dental Care clinics in Mumbai.   Dr Turner’s Speciality Dental Care clinics in Mumbai are the only dental clinics in India to have a dental ceramist at their side working hand in hand to give you that perfect smile you always dreamt of. With a state-of-the-art dental laboratory in Mumbai Dr Turner’s Speciality Denta

October 8, 2015

Posts protruding through the gums when attached to the implants provide an anchor for the artificial teeth.

  • Single implant to full mouth implants
  • Implants with lifetime warranty
  • Implant crown
  • Implant fixed partial Denture
  • Implant Overdenture
  • Hybrid Dentures
  • Single tooth replacement

1.A single implant is placed. Individually made ceramic crowns look and feel like natural teeth. 2.Multiple Tooth Replacement A Bridge supported on implants. Natural looking replacement for missing teeth 3.Full mouth replacement of teeth A. With Removable implant overdenture: Removable Implant Overdenture

      • Cost effective option.
      • New teeth are attached to 2 or more dental implants.
      • The prosthesis is removable.
      • Easy to clean and maintain.
      • The need for denture adhesive is eliminated.

B. With Fixed implant supported bridges:

    • More durable solution
    • The prosthesis is secured on 4 or more dental implants.
    • It is not removable from the oral cavity.
    • This solution stimulates bone, restores chewing function and maintains taste sensation.
October 8, 2015

ISO certified reputed Cosmetic Dentist in Mumbai

Designing spectacular looking smiles within the realms of cosmetic dentistry can change lives. Your smile speaks a thousand words in just a glance….the world assesses your openness, friendliness, intelligence, personality, and even your social status! No wonder celebrities, actors, models and entertainers have long valued dazzling white smiles and gorgeous teeth. Dr. Turnersaesthetic dentalcentres are perhaps the best cosmetic dentists in Mumbai, India who utilise state-of-the-art digital photography to show you how your “new” smile will look – a before and after virtual preview – before you even sit in the dentist’s chair!

Aesthetic Dentist in Mumbai focuses on delivering aesthetically perfect smiles or to be more precise perfect set of teeth by addition of or removal of tooth like material/ tooth material or alteration of tooth/gum tissue. Cosmetic dentist not only improves your smile but also adds confidence self esteem to your life. Before your work speaks for you, it’s your beautiful smile that makes you win half the battle. Cosmetic Dentist is like a dental facelift that can quickly “reverse” the effects of natural aging on the teeth. Many have unattractive teeth their whole lives and have always felt self-conscious because of them. They will rarely smile, which can often hide a warm side

October 8, 2015

The oral cavity have total wear and tear of all the teeth but also have some problem A FULLMOUTH REHABILITATION \ RECONTRUCTION is required in the oral function when it is back to the normal. Oral time and condition are taken into consideration of patient’s primary and secondary problems ,their existing medical and their expectation. It is also done for both medical purpose and as well as for cosmetic (smile correction) purpose i.e when the patient is deteriorated of the multiple dental problems because of the the oral health dental problems. Here our patient if having some personal reason can choose non-surgical option.

  • Advantages
  1. Removable partial dentures
  2. Removable – good access for cleaning
  3. Cost effective
  4. Very minor tooth reduction required
  • Implant replacement
  1. No tooth reduction required
  2. Access for cleaning similar to natural teeth
  3. Failure can mean just loss of the implant ,and attached crown or bridge can mean further tissue loss
  4. Minimal biological intervention compared to bridgework where adjacent teeth require preparation
  • Fixed bridgework
  1. Good where adjacent teeth would benefit from crowns
  • Am I a candidate for Full Mouth Reconstructi

October 8, 2015

Dr.Turners – Professional Dentists in Mumbai uses Nobelbiocare implant systems for Full mouth rehabilitation

In today’s time Dental implants are the most available and possible treatment in today’s time is implanting your tooth. The older option like bridges/caps and dentures, these implants are very expensive but they have longer life and so it is very expensive.

  • Why are implants the first choice to replace missing teeth?
  1. It performed like natural tooth.

  3. Adjacent teeth enamel doesn’t get damaged.

  5. Jaw bone is apart of implant,and it also prevents loss in the long run in bone loss.

  7. Minimum Number of implants are excellently can fit into loose dentures.

  9. No age barrier.

  11. Flossing and Daily brushing is more important for home care. Special home care is not measures or required.

  13. Implants can avoid diet,facial speech and changes that can take place over time.

  15. Titanium metal is safely acceptable by the human body . This titanium metal is implanted in patient’s mouth
  • Implant Planning

Implants are of two types One is single stage implant and the second is two stage implant.Case selection is the most important part of the implants. Bone quantity and quality are the two basic implants things are required.For pla

October 8, 2015

Advanced Ceramic Veneers by Reliable dentists in Mumbai

Porcelain Laminate Ceramic Veneers has changed the meaning of cosmetic dentistry. The Dr.Turner’s specialist dental care requires only 2 sittings to create a gorgeous and a dazzling smile which build confidence in the human body.

  • Advantages of Ceramic Veneers.


  • 0.3 mm is just the minimal PLVs taht can keep the thickness of the ultra conservative which is required for the reduction of the thickness.
  • PLV’s is just like the transulentof your natural teeth and have the quality which can disperse,refract,reflect and absorb light like similar to your originall teeth.It brings vitality and brilliance to your perfectly designed smile
  • PLV is a highly polished,glazed surface and non-porous which allows your teeth to be protected.PLV allows your teeth and your gum to be healthy and does not cause any problems to your gums and make them “Pink” and healthy.
  • It does not stain or discolor
  • PLVs have thin merging into your tooth that does not make your teeth look they are implant ,it look like as if it is originall tooth and one can not distinguish between the implant tooth and the original tooth .So it prevents your beautyby giving you a wonderfull smile.