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Digital Dentistry involves the use of advanced computer-based technology to achieve predictable outcomes in dental practice. This includes the used of Cone Beam Computed Tomography, commonly known as CBCT, which provides a three-dimensional image of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. It has been embraced into dental settings rapidly due to its compact size, and low ionizing radiation when compared to medical computed tomography. It has additionally made the course of implant treatment more foreseeable. The integration of CBCT with implant planning software is leading to a new era which is slowly emerging as a revolutionary technology which allows supreme precision in implant practice which was earlier considered highly technique sensitive. The use of computer-aided design and computer aided milling makes the procedure of fabrication of ceramic prosthesis highly accurate. It eliminates the use of cumbersome impression materials and involves the use of intra-oral scanners which capture direct optical impressions. Hence the use of this new age technology not only helps the dentist to perform with more precision and accuracy but also promises the patients which the most satisfactory treatment. We at World Dental Specialties, have our own in-house Digital Cad Cam Laboratory that is equipped with leading world-class milling machines and dental design software for creating a very aesthetic and functional restoration.


The Turners Dental Team are constantly encouraging other dentists to further hone and excel in the field of dental science today.
Our Goal is to offer dental education at its highest level with cutting edge technology!
With their vast experience and keeping at par with the latest advances in the world of dentistry   they are constantly imparting their knowledge and expertise to other budding dental surgeons not only in INDIA but also abroad.
We at Dr. Turners Speciality Dental Center have dedicated our time to training other dentists in India as well as abroad in excelling in the field of dentistry.
Each participant has it own work station and gets immediate and constant feedback, guidance from the world renowned faculty at Dr. Turners Continuing Dental Education Center.

We have our own dedicated multimedia lecture hall in Mumbai with the audio visual facilities to help the participants with better learning and understanding.
With the advantage of the state of the art Dental Laboratory that works in tandem with the Dental team the courses get even more meaningful and lucid.

We hold continuing education courses in the UAE every quarterly on the subject of PORCELAIN LAMINATE VENEERS.
Many dentists today do veneers but the right technique for minimal preparation of teeth and the principles of bonding is what tends to the longevity and success of the VENEERS.
The Turners have developed their own brand of Veneers called SLIMEERS which are ultra thin veneers that entail minimal to no reduction of teeth.
The technique for the Slimeers is better explained and highlighted in their courses.
The field of Implant Dentistry is growing very rapidly and Senior implantologist  Prof .Dr. Porus Turner with his huge plethora of knowledge selflessly immerses himself in conducting Dental Implant courses for the early beginners as well as advanced courses for  the  participants who have placed implants before.
Right from simple implant placement to bone grafting and immediate extraction of teeth and immediate implant placement of the implants, the participants can interact freely with the entire teaching faculty and elucidate all their queries.