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May 2, 2016

Gummy smile treatment in India

A gummy smile is a highly subjective diagnosis that shows tremendous variability over dental and non-dental populations. When patients identify gingival display as an area of concern, a restorative dentist has to be able to determine the etiology prior to investigating treatment options. The gingival level is the gingiva to lip relationship. A study conducted by Dr. Turner, asked a group of lay people, orthodontists and general practitioners what they thought about acceptable gingiva levels for smiles. The results are somewhat surprising. Lay people: Those who were not professionals viewed the threshold at 3mm; when the gums hit the 3 mm mark they rated the smile as less attractive. Orthodontists: Orthodontists rated their threshold at 2 mm, the strictest requirement in the study group. General practitioners: Surprisingly, the threshold for GPs was 4 mm, the most lenient of the study group. The important question is:

When do we treat a gummy smile?

When it bothers the patient. The ideal target is to get somewhere under 3mm for patients who desire to change their smiles. Before treatment, it’s necessary to understand exactly what causes a gummy smile. There are at least seven different causes, and if you don’t diagnose the cause correctly, you’re going to pick the wrong treatment for your patients. The Seven Causes

February 9, 2016

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October 8, 2015

Gummy Smile treatment in India for that wonderful smile

  • What is a gummy smile?

A “Gummy Smile”, are more than the gum tissue is shown and it is not appropriate to the gum to the tooth. The people who have this have to face a lot of embarrassment and they feel very embarrassing when they smile, and generally loss a lot of self confidence. The people who are having this they sometimes feel if there is any medical way of making there gum look attractive. Now, The Science is so fast that the Dentist can make our smile attractive. So the good news is that there is a way to correct your gummy smile, so that you can smile normally again and do not feel self-esteemed. The way of correcting our gums proper can be done by a simple method , as dentistry is nowadays so advanced and popular that the gummy smile can be done by periodontal plastic surgery procedures. This surgical procedure is painless and doesn’t harm you , and you will be amazed at the results it shows.

  • Causes of Gummy Smile?

There are various reasons as to causes of a gummy smile.

  1. Certain medications cause gummy smile like(Dilantin, Cyclosporine, and numerous calcium channel blockers)or overgrowth of gum tissue (hyperplasia)
  2. Gummy smile(hyperplasia) due to orthodontic treatment
  3. Because of poor oral hygiene inflamma