Category: Immediate function implants

Date: 2011-01-10

Joaquin Delgado a patient from Denver USA came to Dr .Turners Speciality Dental Centers in Mumbai, India, with severely ground down teeth due to Bruxism (involuntary nightgrinding).

A full mouth rehabilitation with All Ceramic (CAD-CAM ) EMAX ( IVOCLAR ) Mini Crowns with conservative preparations restored back not only his bite but also his zest to life. He smiles like never before and below here is his testimonialatient grati. Ptude and appreciation prod this team of “Dental artisans” as Joaquin puts it ,to further excel in their field.

Full mouth dental rehabilitation Mumbai, india

Severely ground down teeth

Full mouth rehabilitation dentist Mumbai, India

A Full mouth rehabilitation, combination of Mini Crowns and Veneers (20 restorations in all).

Get Immediate function dental implants in an friendly atmosphere & advanced technology in Mumbai

Immediate Function Dental Implants  is concept of Amazing Teeth Now. Previous surgical implants was consuming time for the surgical procedure.
Now we have revolutinised our solutions by providing you with the beautiful teeth,shinning,and give you a dazzling natural looking teeth.

As the Since is getting better day by day we have made treatment so faster and in easy way.The patient would be comfort and easy and it will cause no healing to the patient.

In just one treatment we can have a bright and shinning teeth ,It is possible to get back your missing teeth.

If you imagine your teeth should be all others in your surrounding and you can smile with a beautiful teeth without any hesitation than,
Dr.Turner’s Specialty Dental Center offers you to get your teeth in One Visit.

The four to six month implant integration period that’s usually required before new teeth can be placed in only One Visit.

  • Our Immediate function Dental implants Services include
  1. Nobel Biocare Dental Implants
  2. All on four Dental Implants
  3. Immediate loading, immediate dental implantation
  4. Teeth in an hour Dental implants
  5. Implant over dentures
  6. Screw retained prosthesis
  • Advantages of Immediate function Dental implants
  1. Teeth-in-an-Hour surgical procedure takes only an hour
  2. Incision free procedure — no sutures required
  3. Minimal discomfort, pain and swelling
  4. Requires fewer dental visits to complete treatment
  5. Teeth are perfectly tailored to fit each mouth. Teeth look and feel natural
  6. Immediately functioning, aesthetically pleasing teeth
  7. Patients resume normal activities, including eating, almost immediately
  8. No need of removable dentures.
  9. No need to grind natural adjacent teeth for fabrication of bridges.