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February 9, 2016

In a recent survey conducted in the US, an overwhelming 73% of the people said that the smile is the first thing that gets noticed by others. Your smile is the window to your soul exhibiting and portraying beauty, personality, confidence, and vitality. Today, there’s no reason to hide behind a smile that illustrates anything other than highlighting the real you. Cosmetic dentistry at Dr.Turners Cosmetic and Implant Dental Centers in Mumbai can virtually correct any flaws in your smile and create spectacular outcomes you always wished for. Smile design is the process

February 1, 2016

A patient at Turners’ Speciality Dental Centre enjoys a movie on his glasses via the portable DVD player on his lap, even as Dr Ferzin Turner takes a look at his teeth. The Turners’ introduced these glasses in their clinic in 2008, and have been very happy with the results. ‘Nervous adults use these to help them relax, while kids absolutely love it,’says Turner. Pic/ Sayed Sameer Abedi Date: 2011-01-19 By: Anjana Vaswani Date:2011-06-26 Place: Mumbai Soon, nightmares of drill machines that visit you as your root canal procedure date nears, will be a thing of the past. If virtual reality therapy, already being used by city doctors in different forms, makes its way into mainstream surgical procedures, you might soon be shooting snowballs in a video game without even noticing that your bandages are being changed At DR Turners’ Speciality Dental Centre in Tardeo’s Gamadia Parsi Colony, a pair of glasses that look suspiciously similar to the ones you wear for a screening of a 3D film catches your attention. Except that this futuristic pair is worn by fidgety patients during treatment, to distract them from pain and discomfort. So,

October 8, 2015

Mumbai’s top Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dental services

Now , cosmetic dentistry so much popular than ever, from shaping and whitening to replacing teeth and closing spaces by implanting other teeth . The Cosmetic Dentists Dental Specialist in Mumbai, are specialized in improving the good teeth of our patients, which can give improve in your self-confidence and the feeling of well-being. The great achievement is that not only our patient feels good and built there self-confidence more the people around them also feels good. If you are deciding for any cosmetic procedure its important what is going to happen in that procedure. During our initial consultation at our Dental Specialty Cosmetic Dentists in Mumbai,we always make sure that our patient is always clear with the cost of the implant We also guide our patient with the procedure that if any special maintenance will be needed afterwards.

  • What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Designing spectacular shinning and dazzling smiles within the reals of cosmetic dentistry can change our life and build a self confidence in our personality. The smile shows the appearance and speaks thousand words in just a glance….the world sees your personality, openness, intelligence, friendliness,and it also speaks even around your social status! No wonder entertainers, models ,actors, and celebrities have long valued