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Dr. Turner always wanted to practice in a dental clinic in India where patients will be able to walk into without worrying about the operation that is to follow or the capability of dentists in India.

Not many dentists in India can claim experience of around 40 years of rendering quality dental services in India. Dr. Turner is an implant dentist India counts among the most respected because he he is a Master of Oral Implantology (Msc Implants Ger) from Frankfurt, Germany at the Goethe Universitat, Klinikum. Dr. Turner feels that quality of dental treatment India has to offer has to be top of the line because he belongs to the old school of thought that calls on people to devote themselves to the cause of the country and Dr. Turner wants to play his part by being one of the few specialist dentists in Mumbai. Dental clinics in India cannot, unfortunately, follow all the international quality standards always and so need to cut down on quality of dental services in India that they can offer. Dr. Turner always wanted to avoid this situation and setup a dental clinic in India that offers only top of the line dental services in India.

Mumbai has to offer some of the best dentists in India. Mumbai is also counted amongst the safer and more reliable cities in Asia. Mumbai has a vibrant culture and patients can sample the local cuisine after their dental treatment. Mumbai is well connected to the major cities in the world and is as such easily accessible. Home to global multinationals, the city already has many foreign nationals working here. The staff at Dr. Turner's Speciality Dental Care dental clinics in Mumbai are atleast proficient at english. The city in general and dental treatment staff in particular at Dr. Turner's Speciality Dental Care dental clinics in Mumbai for speciality dental treatment are culturally sensitised to the needs of international visitors in India for quality dental services.

Dr Turner's Speciality Dental Care dental clinics in Mumbai run by speciality dentists in Mumbai and are equipped the way any quality dental clinic in India should be equipped. With the very best tools, equipment, and chairs including but definiely not limited to radiographs, dental lasers, magnification loupes, intra oral cameras, apex locators, high-speed dental factory links, installed autoclaves and A-dec 500 chairs, any implant dentist Mumbai recognizes as reliable would like to work here. An autoclave is a sterilization machine that functions only in a vacuum and sterilizes all inserted objects with high-pressure dry-steam killing off all germs completely making the instrument completely clean again for the implant dentist. Radiographs allow dentists to see everything inside the patients mouth carefully. Radiographs facilitate detection of undetectable cavities in between the patients teeth, determination of bone levels, and analysis of the health of the patient's bone. The implant dentist can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts or tumors, as well as assess damage when trauma occurs. The apex locator is used by the speciality dentist to determine the position of the apical foramen. This data is then used by the speciality dentist to perform endodontic surgeries or operations normally called root canals. Determining the length of the root canal has always been a challenge for every dentist. not anymore...with a sophisticated tool called the Apex Locator the team at Dr. Turners' Dr. Turner's Speciality Dental Care dental clinics in Mumbai can judge the exact length of the root canals predictably. Few dental clinics in Mumbai are equipped with apex locators. Dr. Turners dental clinics in Mumbai are equipped with A-DEC 500 upholstered chairs that make these clinics dental implant clinics India can be proud of. Applying the science of pressure mapping, the unique cushioning reduces pressure points and provides comfortable support across the patient's entire body allowing the implant dentists in these dental clinics in Mumbai to work their magic and be counted as an implantologist India can trust.

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