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European Association of Osseointegration EAO congress in 2013 Oct,Dublin.

Date: 2013-11-14


At the recently conducted European Association of Osseointegration EAO congress in 2013 Oct,Dublin,Dr.Turners actively participated in the scientific sessions and workshops. Infact there are ongoing studies and research done at their Dental Institute and Centers on how to grow bone around implants.How a dental implant interfaces with host bone in either optimal or suboptimal states in variable time spans.
At a recently held conference Dr.Turner addressed the rapt audience with the current scenario in the population in the world plagued with tooth loss …. ‘’ The loss of human teeth and the problems Concomitant have plagued mankind for many years now. Each year millions of people lose their teeth because of decay, disease, accidents, and even old age. About 55 million adult teeth are lost annually in the United States,and it is estimated that up to 30% of all adults have no natural teeth left. Thus, the problem is as real today as in antiquity.” Dental implants come just in time to meet the wants and needs of these patients who treat dental implants no longer as a luxury but a necessary part of their lifestyle. At Dr.Turners Institute dental implants are placed with scientific principles backed evidence in a sterile environment with the help of latest in 3D technology. This gives them an accurate placement ,time after time with no margin of error!

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