Full mouth rehabilitation dentist Mumbai

Dr.Turners – Professional Dentists in Mumbai uses Nobelbiocare implant systems for Full mouth rehabilitation

In today’s time Dental implants are the most available and possible treatment in today’s time is implanting your tooth.
The older option like bridges/caps and dentures, these implants are very expensive but they have longer life and so it is very expensive.

  • Why are implants the first choice to replace missing teeth?
  1. It performed like natural tooth.

  3. Adjacent teeth enamel doesn’t get damaged.

  5. Jaw bone is apart of implant,and it also prevents loss in the long run in bone loss.

  7. Minimum Number of implants are excellently can fit into loose dentures.

  9. No age barrier.

  11. Flossing and Daily brushing is more important for home care. Special home care is not measures or required.

  13. Implants can avoid diet,facial speech and changes that can take place over time.

  15. Titanium metal is safely acceptable by the human body . This titanium metal is implanted in patient’s mouth
  • Implant Planning

Implants are of two types One is single stage implant and the second is two stage implant.Case selection is the most important part of the implants.

Bone quantity and quality are the two basic implants things are required.For placing a implant ion the patients mouth there are so many plannings that dentist have to go through.The dentist have to check the size and shape of the implant and which type of implant does the person suits also they have to check the medical history blood group of the patient.

At Dr.Turner’s Specialty Dental Care the implanting of the person surgery is performed by the experienced Implantologist and choose the depending on the implantologist who have the more knowledge and experience to implant which occur some procedure during the implantation the procedure is followed by under local anesthesia.

And after the implantation is done the person can go comfortably . Our aim is to provide you with the best treatment.We carry the implant system from USA and Germany.