Immediate Function Dental implants Mumbai

Immediate tooth replacement and dental implants services by Dentists in Mumbai

Missing teeth cause a lot of problems with the way you look, and the way you do tasks daily tasks such as chewing, speaking clearly, and smiling. Losing your natural teeth is a life-changing event, but it does not mean that you have to endure the problems for a long period of time.

Our Immediate function Dental implants offer ideal solutions for missing teeth problems without consuming your time and efforts. With our immediate function dental implants, the long healing period associated with a traditional dental implant treatment is turned-off for those who want to enjoy their dental implants in the soonest possible time.

Dr Turner Dental Specilaity Clinic in Mumbai, India is one of the leading Dental Implant Centre. We have been pioneers in the field of Dental Implants in Mumbai. We have been at the forefront of this remarkable dental implant technology. Dr Turner Dental Specilaity Clinic in Mumbai provides quality dental implant services that bring the confidence back into your smile.

Our Immediate function Dental implants Services include:

  • Nobel Biocare Dental Implants
  • All on four Dental Implants
  • Immediate loading, immediate dental implantation
  • Teeth in an hour Dental implants
  • Implant over dentures
  • Screw retained prosthesis

Advantages of Immediate function Dental implants:

  • Immediate function Dental implants refers to the method of placing the dental implants into the jawbone, as well as attaching the dental restorations to the implants – all within the same day.
  • Immediate function Dental implants are immediately loaded to your jawbone, making it possible for you to enjoy an improved smile in just a single dental appointment.
  • No need of removable dentures.
  • No need to grind natural adjacent teeth for fabrication of bridges.
  • Implants are bi- compatible.
  • With proper care and oral hygiene, implants usually last a lifetime.
  • Immediate function Dental implants provide stability and comfort.
  • Immediate function Dental implants eliminates the need for adjustment once placed.
  • Stimulates natural bone minimizing further bone loss.