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  • What Are Dental Implants

Natural tooth consists of a root and the crown.In root the part you see hidden the gum and the crown which is the part upper under the gum.

The natural tooth in place that actually hold the root in the jaw bone. The root portion of a missing natural tooth a small titanium fixture dental implant that serves as a natural tooth. Titanium is used because it is most compatible with our human body.

The dental implant for replacement of the tooth is function as a an anchor which is placed in the upper or lower jaw.

The tooth which are placed  provides more support without giving any harm to the natural teeth.

The tooth which provides support to all the teeth which has been implant .

  • Our special services include

The dental treatment from major smile make-over to a single dental crowns, full mouth dental implants to the wide range of cosmetics everything is available under one roof.

Super specialized and globally trained dental team constantly staying updated to continuing dental education.

Zero waiting policy

Priority treatment completion doesn’t cause extra cost for time bound patient.