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Teeth in an hour dental implants by best Implantologists in Mumbai

In an hour immediate loading of teeth and implants.

Implants name suggest with the dental implants without waiting for 3 to 6 months for the replacement of the the tooth.

A new tooth in an hour commonly known as immediate loading can give you new teeth.

  • Why Immediate Loading Implants ?

The traditional time is required for bones and gums have to attach to the dental implant have to followed by the tooth restoration process.

The patient without any teeth or a with a temporary and removable prosthesies it obviously leaves a patient without the teeth .

This might be one of the reason that the patient forego the idea of dental implant with the time period being too long.

With immediate loading, the time frame is less or nil.

The definition of immediate loading may vary from same day implant to a slightly delayed one according to the constraints in the lab.

In certain cases immediate loading is considered to be a better option than the slightly delayed one.

Immediate loading implants are exposed to the chewing force immediately after the implantation for the proper functioning mechanism.

However there are a lot of cases were immediate loading is not recommended.

Immediate loading is not a complex process but they do involve fulfillment of certain criteria.

  • They are 

A certain minimum of bone density is required
Implant should be placed is such a way that it takes on minimum amount of chewing force(stability)
The type of implant depending upon its features

For an implant the dentist may have to adjust a temporary crown in order to avoid any type of force on it.

The temporary crown is employed for aesthetic reason and not for functionality.

In complex cases where a full arch is involved along with 4-6 implant placement, the situation is relatively easier.

This is given that the implants have a motionless function from the start.

In the case of multiple number of implants held together by an immediate prosthesis, the critical element is to prevent the micro-motion at the bone-implant interface.

  • Henceforth the advantages of immediate loading are

Only one surgical process per person

Short treatment time period

Fixed provisionalization is possible

Able to sculpt soft tissues with a tooth form instead to a cylindrical healing abutment

However the preparation of the tooth colored abutment is proving to be a challenge during the implant placement.