Meet Reina


Date: 2010-08-08

This is the story of our lovely patient and now friend Ms. Reina Couture. Reina met Dr. Turner in Montreal Canada when he was on one of his lecture circuits in Canada.

She explained to him that from an early age of 11 she started with her dental problems and due to financial reasons she lost all her teeth one by one . Reina was a young beautiful exuberant girl and by the age of 20 was wearing dentures. As she told us “ I hated them and they were the reason that robbed me of my smile !” Reina had consulted a few dentists in Montreal who had suggested extensive bone grafts from the hip and reconstructive surgery and finally implants with ceramic teeth….the expenses of all this as she puts it would ve “ forced her to sell her home.”

Reina’s case was undoubtedly very challenging. With extensive bone loss due to wearing dentures for the last 40 years has melted the bone away. However Dr. Turner assured her that if she visited them at their Dental Implant Institute in Mumbai India they could make the impossible …possible!!

And sure they did! After extensive bone grafts and full mouth implant placements Reina got back her smile back she deserved….she threw her Dentures away which were the bane of her normal life. Today Reina has the most beautiful smile that you can ever imagine…with her confidence renewed .When she left for home the last time, she thanked us and said “You All saved my life”.


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