Nobel biocare dental implants Mumbai

Nobel biocare Dental Implants in Mumbai – Advance Dental restoration solutions

A restorative dental implants leader has a innovative solution providing world leader to there patients with the advance science which have all the way to treat their patient fron root of all the dental solution….nobelbiocare implant systems are what Dr.Turners Dental Implant Centers in India use.

  • Systems Used in our Office
  1. Nobel Biocare – It is the No. 1 Implant Company in the World.
  2. Nobel Replace
  3. Nobel Replace Groovy
  4. Procera Guided Surgery

In this situation we involve CT Scan of the patient jaw and that CT Scan is loaded on a software to figure out patient dental situation and according to that solution dentist figure out the exact problems in our jaw.

The dentist figure out the bone situation in the mouth and acoording to that the dentist,implant parameters in safe position and safe from the original tooth.this is the very unique concept of the dentist of the Nobel Biocare.

The implants that to be placed in the patient mouth ,to the length and diameter should be exact position in the jaw.

The CAD/CAM Technology from Sweden shipped to our office based to this ,a stent is fabricated.

Preplanned ideal postion is placed in the using selected implants for the stentof the implants.

Before placing the implants in our mouth the dentist should know the postion where the implant is being placed ,after that we can use the prefabricated prosthesies in the patient implant so that the patient canuse there new implant teeth immediately

  • Nobel’s “Teeth-in-an-Hour”

The Nobel’s “Teeth-in-an-Hour” provides the same concept Guided Surgery and provides the patient with the prosthesies so that the patient can use there teeth on the very first day of the surgery ,so that patient can get his new set of teeth on the same day or with in an hour.

  • The All-on-Four

If the patient wants to implant a four teeth at a time he/she should also provide with the whole arch with the prosthesies only on the four part of the implant.

An anatomically landmarks strategically well spread and should have the capacity to bear the masticatory load.

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