Porcelain Veneers dentists Mumbai

Procelain Laminate veneers for awesome smile makeovers in Mumbai

Porcelain Veneers create the spectacular smiles in just 2 sittings andit is also the most conservative smiles that we can create.

Porcelain Veneers carry the porcelain shells with the thin layer which is permanently stored onto the surface of the teeth

Dr. Turner have around 5000 veneers of cosmetic dentist which have done almost 5000 veneers as a dental clinic in Mumbai.

Cosmetic dentntry have changed there face with the help of Porcelin Laminte Veneers .

The fantabulous smiles appears in just only two sittings with the Help of Dr.Turner’s.


  • The Ultra conservative and minimal requires the amount of reduction, of the PLVs have the thickness  kept to  minimal at just 0.3 mm.
  • PLV’s are translucent it is just like our natural teeth and it have the quality of inherent to disperse, refract, reflect and absorb light as similar to our natural tooth.
  • This increased brilliance and vitality to give your teeth a perfect beautifull smile.
  • The PLV has a glazed surface, non-porous,  highly polished which prevents and deters our teeth from plaque accumulation.
  • This PLV allows our gums to around your venneers healthy a stay pink.
  • The gums which are placed in the patient mouth they do not stain our get discolor.
  • The PLVs carries a contact lens so that the marging that is placed in our tooth it does not shows the difference between our natural tooth and the tooth which we are placed in the by implanting.
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