Dale Stephens (Texas, USA)

Wow! What a wonderful experience. About 3 days before departure from Texas, USA for extended travel to Nepal through Mumbai, India, I broke my back upper molar. I visited a dentist in the USA who took x-rays and confirmed I would need a root canal and crown. He would have to refer me to a specialist and it would run me $3,000+ usd. Having already made plans to fly to Mumbai, I quickly searched the internet for dental care in Mumbai, India and found Dr. Turner’s Dental. My travel plans were delayed/changed a couple times, but his office staff was always accommodating. I finally arrived for my appointment and the care, concern, professionalism, knowledge and hospitality have exceeded ALL my expectations. ‘Dr. Turner’ is a family dental care practice in all manners. Their offices, equipment are clean, organized and first rate. In the chaos in the middle of Mumbai, India you will find an Oasis of calm and comfort when you place your teeth and mouth in the care of ‘Dr. Turner’. Turner Dental is a family of Dentists – mother, father, uncle, son, sister, brother-in-law. They have world wide knowledge of dentistry not only in America and Canada but throughout Western Europe and Asia. They learn, teach and practice dentistry. Over an 8 day period in and out of their office(s) I witnessed this first hand with not only me as an American patient but with all patients of differing ages and race – everyone was greeted and treated with extreme graciousness.

Lastly, let me state that I don’t like dentists- I do not find comfort sitting in a dental chair for a couple hours with everything going on in my mouth, but if you need to have extensive dental work performed, you could not pick a better place in the world to have someone care for you…

Dale Stephens, age 44, Texas, USA, 23 September 2009