G.K. (Australia)

I traveled from Australia to Mumbai in mid 2010 to be treated by the dentists at Dr. Turner’s Specialty Dental Clinic after months of research, and numerous fabulous reports from past patients.

I had been in mild to medium pain for over two years, and had seen several dentists in Australia – to no avail. I needed a root canal, two crowns, fillings under my composite veneers, and to replace the veneers which were discoloured, chipped and misshapen.

After my first sitting I was completely pain free. It was a miracle.

At Dr. Turner’s clinic I was educated as to what state of the art dentistry is all about. I saw equipment and technique I’d never seen before in Melbourne or Sydney.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. After three pain-free sittings, my teeth were totally rejuvenated. The porcelain veneers on my upper teeth are absolutely perfect. The zirconia crowns feel stronger than my own teeth, and I am just thrilled with the outcome, especially after having had so many problems with my teeth over such a long period of time.

To any prospective client I would say – you wont find a team of dentists with better practices, or aesthetics, anywhere. I am more than happy to provide my email address for anyone should they like to ask me anything about my experience one to one.

G.K. (Australia)