Steven Pinto (Florida, USA)

While running a medical service business, I regularly dealt with hundreds of dentists in the South Florida area. When I decided to have my front 4 teeth capped I went to who I thought was the best. Eight years later, on my way to India, I broke a front cap. Without the time to get them repaired locally I decided to have the work done in India. After much research, I decided to go to Dr. Turner in Mumbai.

When we walked into the office we were very impressed, as my son said- “as good as any Park Ave office in NYC”, however, I think the work was even better. I have yet to meet anyone that was as much a perfectionist as me – until I met Dr.Turner. I think the crown came out better than the original and I am very pleased with the results. I believe her work to be second to none and give her my highest recommendation.

Sincerely, Steven Pinto, Sarasota, FL USA