Zirconia Dental Crowns Mumbai

Zirconia dental crowns for smile make-over in Mumbai

  • What is a zirconia crown?

The Zirconia dental crown is very strong material. The Zirconia dental crown is suitable to the human body.

Zirconia dental crowns is also known as strength is used in medical application such as artificial joints and is known for its strength and durability.

Zirconia it is a type of a crystal that is long lasting and indestructible.

Zirconia does not have any fear about the body rejecting or displaying any allergic reaction.

Many people uses porcelain fused to metal crowns as it is safe to use by the human beings.

  • How is a zirconia crown fitted?

The crowns uses two stages process as it is first stage is known as Preparation and the second stage is known as fitting crown.

The first stage which is known as Preparation which are assessed and measured as a crown.

The dentist will discuss with the patient before preparing there decayed tooth.

Before giving a shape to the patient tooth firstly the dentist should have to clean there affected tooth.

The small silver have to remove before giving a local anesthetic which gives a correct shape to the crown.

For testing a new crown a mould is placed with a dental putty which patient has to bite .This is also known as guide production which is done is dental laboratory.

The second stage is where you will be fitted with your new crown.

The tooth which is placed into the patient’s mouth is rough because the special dental acid is put into the crown which is there is placed into the patient mouth which scratches the surface and increase the bond of the crown.

After all that finally the crown is fitted in the patient tooth after that the dentist will check and put the cementing layer into the tooth before seeing if the tooth is placed in the right position.Its finally done by doing all the stuffs.

A zirconia crown should have to be taken care as you are taking care of your original teeth.

  • Advantages of Having Zirconium Crown
  1. Extraordinarily tough
  2. Can wear and tear
  3. Translucent looks similar to the natural teeth
  4. Less tooth removal
  5. No Metal fuse
  6. Modifiable shape,size and color
  7. Bio-compatible