Imagine a dream vacation

Imagine a dream vacation gone terribly wrong!!.......

Date: 2012-12-03

A young girl age 20 years came to Dr. Turners Implant & Cosmetic Dental Center with a traumatic injury to her face.

She was on a university vacation when she slipped from the escalator at an airport in Europe and fell straight on her face which bore the entire impact!

Upon clinical and radiographical examination we found that her upper right central incisor was completely broken down upto the root.

Her upper right lateral also had a fracture of the crown and her upper left central was also fractured.

She was in severe pain when she arrived to our clinic.

The treatment plan we decided for her keeping longevity as our prime consideration due to her age was to extract the upper right central incisor and place an implant in that region.

An emergency root canal therapy treatment for upper right lateral incisor and the upper left central incisor was done.

After which we extracted the upper right central incisor atraumatically and on the same day placed an Ankylos CX (Dentsply GER) Implant in the region.

Solid, stable and reliable for over 25 years…The ANKYLOS c/x implant with its predictable, natural esthetics and top mechanical stability was chosen to rehabilitate this young girl.

Dr. Turner is the opinion leader on the Ankylos Implants and lectures all over the world on Implant dentistry, presenting cases with single tooth restorations, full mouth rehabiliatations with the Ankylos system.

The Inventor of the Ankylos implant system , Prof Hubert Nentwig , is a close friend of Prof Dr.Turner and they both share the same passion for implant dentistry and education.

As we achieved very good primary stability of the implant we decided to place a temporary crown on the implant on the same day.

The implant was allowed to heal for a time span of two and a half months.

Finally after two and a half months we restored her with a Implant supported LAVA (3M USA) Zirconia crown.

On the neighboring root canal treated teeth we placed Emax (Vivadent Ivoclar, Germany) Crowns.

The team at Dr. Turners Dental & Implant Centers not only restored the smile of this young girl but also her zest for a new life!….this is what Dr. Turners strive to achieve everyday – -undyingly & tirelessly .

Traumatic Injury to the Face- Smile View

Retracted View

Implant with Abutment Placement

A confident beaming Smile after restoration of the Implant Crowns and Veneers.

Retracted View.
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