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Dr Ferzin Turner-Dentist article

Dr Turners’ Speciality Dental Centre Sweets, sweetened drinks and even biscuits can cause cavities. It’s not important how often you brush but how well you brush your teeth and whether you floss.Flossing cleans in areas between your teeth where the brush cannot reach. Even brushing will not prevent cavities if the intake of sugar including all forms of refined carbohydrates (white bread too) is not decreased. Missing or extracted teeth should be replaced as soon as possible as the remaining teeth drift into this space resulting in food lodgement between the teeth, which leads to cavities and gum problems in the adjacent teeth. It’s vital to act early as replace ment of these teeth with implants, which is today the treatment of choice, gets more difficult as time goes by and there is not enough bone left to place the implants on. People should not wait for pain to set in before they see their dentist. Pain usually means the cavity has reached the centre of the tooth, which contains contains the blood vessels and nerves (pulp). At this stage, only a rootcanal can save the tooth. So, visit your dentist every six months to diagnose problems and treat these in the early stages.

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Dr Ashdin Turner – Dentist at Dental Spcialist India – MSC Master in a training conference.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Ankylos Anniversary. Speech by Dr Ashdin Turner, Dentist at Dental Spcialist India

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Speech by Dr Ashdin Turner, Dentist at Dental Specialist India, was invited as Keynote Speaker at a Ankylos event conference.

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A patient at Turners’ Speciality Dental Centre enjoys a movie on his glasses via the portable DVD player on his lap, even as Dr Ferzin Turner takes a look at his teeth. The Turners’ introduced these glasses in their clinic in 2008, and have been very happy with the results. ‘Nervous adults use these to help them relax, while kids absolutely love it,’says Turner. Pic/ Sayed Sameer Abedi Date: 2011-01-19 By: Anjana Vaswani Date:2011-06-26 Place: Mumbai Soon, nightmares of drill machines that visit you as your root canal procedure date nears, will be a thing of the past. If virtual reality therapy, already being used by city doctors in different forms, makes its way into mainstream surgical procedures, you might soon be shooting snowballs in a video game without even noticing that your bandages are being changed At DR Turners’ Speciality Dental Centre in Tardeo’s Gamadia Parsi Colony, a pair of glasses that look suspiciously similar to the ones you wear for a screening of a 3D film catches your attention. Except that this futuristic pair is worn by fidgety patients during treatment, to distract them from pain and discomfort. So,

Date: 2011-01-10 Joaquin Delgado a patient from Denver USA came to Dr .Turners Speciality Dental Centers in Mumbai, India, with severely ground down teeth due to Bruxism (involuntary nightgrinding). A full mouth rehabilitation with All Ceramic (CAD-CAM ) EMAX ( IVOCLAR ) Mini Crowns with conservative preparations restored back not only his bite but also his zest to life. He smiles like never before and below here is his testimonialatient grati. Ptude and appreciation prod this team of “Dental artisans” as Joaquin puts it ,to further excel in their field.

HOPE of A New Life… made Possible at Dr. Turners Dental & Implant Centers in Mumbai Date: 2013-01-02 Combination of Implants, Crowns in the upper and Ceramic Veneers in the Lower. A socialite lady aged 53 years old presented at Dr. Turners Dental & Implant Centers about 6 months ago. On clinical examination she had severe bone loss in the Upper front Central Incisors with a very high plaque index. The upper front central incisors after clinical and radiographic examination showed a poor prognosis. The Lower 6 teeth also were very irregular and badly stained. TREATMENT PLAN: The patient required an entire smile makeover with Dental Implants, All Ceramic Crowns and Veneers. The upper two central incisors were hopeless and therefore extracted. Two Ankylos CX Implants were placed in their place. The lateral incisors and canines were crowned with LAVA 3M Zirconia Crowns (USA). The other teeth were veneered to complement the smile and compete it. For the lower anterior teeth veneers were planned with CAD -CAM Ivoclar Emax Vivadent veneers Esthetics was the patient’s highest concern and so the treatment plan at every stage was done with that in mind. The patient a Page 3 socialite was ecstatic with the results….and so was the entire team at Dr. Turners Implant & Cosmetic Dental Centers that helped her achieve this smile

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Before Traumatic Injury to the Face- Smile View
Before Retracted View
After Implant with Abutment Placement
After A confident beaming Smile after restoration of the Implant Crowns and Veneers.
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