International Clients

Mystical India beckons….and once you have touched our shores you are our guest…



At Dr.Turners Speciality Dental Center we touch the lives of our patients who are now our friends and the bonds last forever…


We value your time and for our international clients here are general time estimates for different dental treatments. We take maximum advantage of our in house laboratory which gives our foreign patients pressed for time, priority in delivering top-quality crowns and bridges. This way they can club their holidays with their dental treatment plans.


You may be tired after a long international flight and we would like to extend a complementary pick up from the airport to your hotel of choice or any other place you have decided to stay at. This we believe is really helpful because most of our international flights land at midnight or early morning and it cuts out the effort of our patients to go looking for a taxi service.


We understand the cost of living in Mumbai, and for our international clients we offer a Serviced apartment stay not very far from  our Dental Centers. This facility iis available at a nominal cost of  30 USD per night. However if you do wish to avail of this, kindly let us know a little in advance such that we could reserve the apartment for your use.

If you would like to go and explore a little of India, then only a 45 minute flight from Mumbai is GOA…the No. 1 destination on every travelers wish list  ! Goa is a quaint Portuguese town that still has remnants of the Portuguese rule in India. Famous for its stunning coastline with spectacular beaches, the Arabian sea is a favourite with every foreigner. You can enjoy the tranquility of the Goan way of life.


South India – Kerala a mere one and a half flight from Mumbai is referred to as “Gods Own Country”. Be transported to a paradise where land, sea and sky, come together in a union of elements. As you float on Kerala’s backwaters, the beauty of the serene waterways and quaint inlets and creeks along the coast of Kerala will enchant you. Experience an unforgettable journey, along the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, India.


And ofcourse….Standing majestically on the banks of River Yamuna in Agra, the Taj Mahal is synonymous with love and romance. One of the Seven Wonders of the World it is a must see for every traveler.

For all your domestic bookings in Mumbai or in India please contact our “International Client Co-ordinator”- MISS. SWETA. She will be happy to assist you with all your flight details, your airport pick ups and drops.


She will also assist you with the appointment dates and timings with the Dental office.


For any queries you can call us on:

+91 -9820355578 / +91- 9820335764.

Porcelain Laminate Veneers (Smile Design).

  • 4 Days approx in all.

Day 1

  • Study models, photographs followed by Preparations and impressions and Temporary Veneers.
  • Break of 2 days
  • Bonding of Final Ceramic Veneers.

Dental Implants

  • Implant placement and monitoring of initial healing.
  • Suture removal (after 1 Week)
  • 3 months break during which the implants that have now been buried in the bone Osseointegrate ie fuse with the bone.
  • After 3 months: We require 8 Days for Final Crown / Bridge over Implant.

NOBEL BIOCARE® Computer Guided Surgery: “Teeth-In-An- Hour”.

  • Implants in Upper / Lower Jaw loaded with Tooth Restorations on same day.

Complete / Partial Dentures

  • 10 Days approx.

Cast Partial Dentures

  • 18 Days Approx.
  • Impression.
  • Break 10 Days.
  • Trial.
  • Delivery.

Bleaching/Teeth Whitening

  • 2 Days Approx.

Maxillo-Facial Surgery (Wisdom Tooth Extraction)

  • 1 Week Approx.
  • Surgery.
  • 6 Days Break.
  • Suture Removal.

If you require further assistance or have any queries about your time schedules, please email us at: [email protected]