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Dr Turners Speciality Dental Care is a speciality dental clinic in Mumbai recognized for adoption and implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified dental care clinic with a state-of-the-art dental laboratory that complies with the most demanding dental care and medical standards.

Dentist India offering dental services with advanced dental treatments

Dr Turners Speciality Dental Centre is a speciality

Dental clinic in Mumbai

, India that offers all the dental care and services that make a difference in the lives of people suffering from inhibiting dental problems. In our dental clinics, we offer peace of mind by going above and beyond conventional dental care. We want the beautiful smile that we painstakingly create to last a lifetime, which is why our dental treatment philosophy and final goal is restorative and preventive. We institute the repair of your natural teeth, restoring them to their ideal beauty, function, comfort and longevity. We will assist you in the techniques necessary to maintain your beautiful smile for a lifetime. Our commitment to making sure that we restore your mouth cosmetically and with full function is paramount. We are a dental practice that puts your unique oral health and aesthetic goals first; more than you would be, WE as DR. TURNERS, want to be satisfied with the outcome of your dental treatment from the very beginning till the end.

Our emphasis on patient comfort will become evident as soon as you walk into our office which you will find to be warm, caring and professional. Our attentive dental care staff takes great pride in keeping you wondering if you are really visiting a dental clinic for a dental treatment.

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Be it dental implants/implantology, smile makeovers with porcelain veneers, root canal treatments/endodontics, braces/orthodontics, gum reshaping/jaw correction, tooth filling, we offer patients peace of mind with a total and complete solution to all their dental needs and problems, whenever they come looking for Dental services in India or looking for an Implantologist, Prosthodontist, or an Orthodontist in Mumbai. We follow prevalent dental care quality standards and put our patients at ease in all of our dental clinics in Mumbai, India. Our dental clinics and dental laboratory in Mumbai are operated by specialists in their own fields. Feel free to come and consult us whenever you need a Nobelbiocare dental implant, Ankylos Dentsply implant, teeth whitening, gum reshaping, cosmetic dentist, porcelain veneers, smile corrections, gap closures, fixed teeth, a root canal treatment, gum surgery, braces, kids dentistry, laser dentistry, gummy smile correction, metal free crowns/bridges, or gummy smile treatment in India.

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Dental care staff mindful of the needs of all patients

A brilliant smile helps improve soft skills, personality, and self-confidence. It allows people to become a lot more than "just a name on a list". Gaps between teeth, dirty teeth, loose teeth, crooked teeth, protruding teeth, a gummy smile and artificial looking crowns harm people in more ways than they can imagine. No other feature captures your health, self-confidence, and personality quite like a healthy smile. Everyone deserves an attractive smile that truly reflects their vitality and charisma. Why not begin the journey to your new smile today?

Dental problems can make attractive people look dull, listless, and dowdy. Dental problems can also hurt efficiency and effectiveness leading to reduced business productivity. We realize that dental problems make people very nervous and, therefore, we do our best to make sure our patients are comfortable.

Prof.Dr Porus Turner has extensive dental care experience. A very long career (over 40 years) has lent him perspective he uses to present papers and lectures at various conferences and dental meets around the world on the various aspects of dental care and advanced dental techniques. Dr.Ashdin Turner and Dr.Ferzin Turner were granted masters degree in Oral Implantology from the prestigious Goethe university in Frankfurt Germany. Both of them are double masters in the field of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics and lecture extensively in India and abroad on Dental Implant breakthroughs and the finer aspects of Oral Implantology in today's times, keeping in mind the wants and needs of the patient...their drive towards excellence continues.

We realize that dental care means putting the patient at ease and, so, we have soothing soft music playing gently in our speciality dental clinics in Mumbai, India. Soft music calms patients making it easier for our dental specialists to perform complex dental procedures. However, some patients may need more assistance and its in the patients interest that the patient be completely calm before we operate. Oral conscious sedation dentistry is a dental procedure during which the patient is given a pill that helps the dental patient become sufficiently relaxed, significantly lowering inhibitions and sensations. This makes your quality dental care easier for you and Dr. Turners.

We at Dr.Turners Speciality Dental Centers believe that in today's world, the need for infection control has never been greater. Eliminating bacterial contamination through sterilization is the most essential component in the infection control process and vital to our patients' safety and security.

The result of proper instrument sterilization is the protection of the patient, the physician and dental care staff from various infectious diseases. We make conscious attempts at maintaining a comprehensively santized and decontaminated dental clinic. We maintain an installed autoclave that is used to decontaminate each and every dental care instrument. An autoclave is a sterilization machine that functions only in a vacuum and sterilizes all inserted objects with high-pressure dry-steam killing off all germs completely. We offer audited dental care services certified to be ISO 9001:2008 compliant.
Dr Turners Dental clinic's are located in easily accessible localities of Mumbai, India.
We would like to take this opportunity to inform international patients that we can arrange for serviced apartment accommodation in case we are given advance notice requesting the same. We can also help arrange short vacations for patients who want to make the most of their stay in Mumbai or for that matter India. You would be tired after a long flight, and it would be our pleasure to arrange for an airport pickup and drop for you. Do let our international client coordinator know your travel itinerary a little in advance such that he/she can make all the necessary arrangements for your pleasant and comfortable stay in Mumbai.
Dentistry is our passion at Dr.Turners, and as Aristotle rightly put it ..."Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work"
Goethe Universitat, Klinikum, Frankfurt
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Darryl DíSouza (Melbourne, Australia)
Darryl DíSouza (Melbourne, Australia)
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Shahbaan Dholoo
Shahbaan Dholoo
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