Why Us

Why Us?
Today we are in the age of the net , the world is getting smaller and closer and we can now connect with people globally , we once thought were distant.

On a click of a button in a google search for Indian Dentist‘ or ‘dental clinics India‘, ‘Dental implants India‘, ‘Cosmetic dentist India numerous dental clinics pop up and appear , each vying the top spot and the attention of the interested potential client…a person in a distant country eagerly looking out for affordable yet state of the art dental services in India, hoping to find the best dentist who can address his/her dental issues with cutting edge technology and alleviate all their dental problems.

At Dr. Turners Cosmetic & Implant Dental Centers we work with a single minded motto ‘The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered’ (Mr. William Mayo).Here the team of dental surgeons work passionately , with complete dedication towards the well being of their patients who have travelled over continents putting their faith in them.

Digital Technology :

Sound Scientific principles and a practice with cutting edge technology , always abreast with the latest in the field of Dentistry is what Dr. Turners Dental Speciality Centers stand for. Digital Xrays (RVG), Laser Dentistry and Digital Intrao-oral Cameras

Bone and Tissue Engineering :

They have now entered the era of generating the growth of natural human bone with Tissue engineering techniques, cell repopulation and differentiation. Guided bone Regeneration (GBR) with the  use of Synthetic bone grafts from extraoral sources(Bio- oss Geistlich), as well as allogenic bone grafts (Puros Zimmer USA) . The technique of allowing your own  bone to grow by osteoconduction and /or osteoinduction is called Guided Bone Regeneration.(GBR).

State of the Art Technology :
A practice driven with modern technology, is always what Prof .Dr.Turner and his able team strive for . eg CAD – CAM 3 D technologies, digital Xrays, PROCERA Nobelbiocare Sweden Scanner to scan your tooth and thereafter robots making accurately fitting crowns and bridges untouched by human hand! Now this is technology in the 21st century.

40 years experience in dentistry and still the best in his field , continuously upgrading himself as well as the Dental Practice, constantly imparting his vast and invaluable knowledge to the others in his team.

Credentials & Academics :


The team of dental surgeons have numerous publications in national as well as international journals on dentistry and are constantly researching and publishing more articles on Implant dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry every month.


They have written a book ‘The Art and Science of Aesthetic Dentistry’ currently in its 3rd edition

They have also published a book titled ” Clinical Guide to Oral Implantology- Step by Step

These books are freely available to all dentists who attend their various continuing education courses and are considered as the  bible in the dental world.


They conduct Continuing Dental Education courses in the field of Implant Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and restorative Dentistry every quarterly from the Turners Dental Academy Center in Mumbai.


Prof.Dr.Turner is a key opinion leader to Dentsply – the biggest and leading dental company in the world. He lectures for them in India and abroad on the subject of Implant dentistry and Cosmetic dentistry.

They were invited as Guest Lecturers at the Mayo Center in Rochester USA, the Mc gill University in Montreal, and the University of South Carolina,on the subject of Implant dentistry , Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry.


At the University where he teaches the post- graduate students in India he has introduced a programme in Implant Dentistry in affiliation with the Frankfurt University (Goethe Universitat because of his good offices.

Prof .Dr. Turner was invited to lecture at the 2010 ADA (American Dental Association) Congress held in Orlando USA. His paper titled “Implant Aesthetics- It is achievable” was one of the 18 papers out of the 140 , (the only Indian) that was chosen to be delivered.

Perhaps the only Dental practice in India with their very own State of the Art Dental technological center that makes the Implant supported Crown and Bridges, tooth supported Crowns and Bridges and Cosmetic Porcelain Laminate Veneers.


The laboratory is run by Master TechnicianMr. Danesh Vazifdar who has trained in Sweden, Germany and United states , now himself lectures worldwide teaching other laboratories the finer aspects of fabricating beautiful dental restorations.

This gives the team a synergistic advantage over the accuracy and precision of  fit of your restorations which we believe is the key to the success and longevity of your restorations.


A passive and accurate fit of your implant supported restorations is of paramount importance .We make our restorations to last you a lifetime.

Our master technician is always with working in tandem, when it comes to the colour , shape size and fit of your beautiful restorations which reflect in your brilliant smile.

No other dental office may have this BIG advantage and support of a dental technological center at its side guaranteeing you success time after time!


Our international patients are pressed for time and we understand their time constraints and Mr.Danesh our master techinician is considerate in putting their work on urgent basis with top priority !

All the dental centers are IS0 2001 2008 certified where we perform all Implant surgeries, cosmetic smile makeovers & Restorative procedures. It is sanitised and the environment is totally sterile & adhere to the strictest norms of the EU.

Prof .Dr.Turner & his  team always profess their thoughts & philosophy in the ethics of dentistry to their students and tell them that the patient, his well being , happiness and satisfaction is the only goal in life. Financial success single-mindedly,  should never be the be all and end all of any dental practice. If that is the case then one can never do justice to their work .. the sufferer being the patients.


A beautiful smile can open doors and knock down barriers that stand between a person and a  truer , fuller  life. We  make that difference in our patients lives ..This is the only reward that is gratifying and prods us on to further excel in our field!