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ORAL HYGIENE & The 32 reasons to smile.

Date: 2012-12-15


While images on digital screens in his clinics (Byculla, Tardeo and Bandra) show you what dental transformations he can achieve, cosmetically, Dr Ashdin Turner, Associate Professor, Department of Prosthodontics (dental prosthetics), MGM Dental College and Hospital, and co-author of Art and Science of Aesthetic Dentistry attributes his sparkling smile to good old-fashioned oral hygiene.
This father of two tells us that his entire family switched to battery-powered toothbrushes a few years ago, and he highly recommends that others do the same. Citing a study conducted in Iowa University, which was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, Turner shares that though the gadget was initially devised for individuals with reduced motor skills, “this study established that using it, correctly achieved 67 per cent plaque reduction, as compared to a toothbrush.” Turner points out that changing toothbrushes doesn’t help.

“The brush needs to be held so that the spinning bristles are in contact with the scalloped margins. Let the bristles spin where the gums meet the teeth, on the inside of the tooth as well as outside, so that the teeth and the gums are treated.” Additionally, the Turner family gargles with Colgate Total Plax after every meal and before bedtime, “we brush using the battery-powered toothbrushes and then floss.”

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Date: 2010-08-08

This is the story of our lovely patient and now friend Ms. Reina Couture. Reina met Dr. Turner in Montreal Canada when he was on one of his lecture circuits in Canada.

She explained to him that from an early age of 11 she started with her dental problems and due to financial reasons she lost all her teeth one by one . Reina was a young beautiful exuberant girl and by the age of 20 was wearing dentures. As she told us “ I hated them and they were the reason that robbed me of my smile !” Reina had consulted a few dentists in Montreal who had suggested extensive bone grafts from the hip and reconstructive surgery and finally implants with ceramic teeth….the expenses of all this as she puts it would ve “ forced her to sell her home.”

Reina’s case was undoubtedly very challenging. With extensive bone loss due to wearing dentures for the last 40 years has melted the bone away. However Dr. Turner assured her that if she visited them at their Dental Implant Institute in Mumbai India they could make the impossible …possible!!

And sure they did! After extensive bone grafts and full mouth implant placements Reina got back her smile back she deserved….she threw her Dentures away which were the bane of her normal life. Today Reina has the most beautiful smile that you can ever imagine…with her confidence renewed .When she left for home the last time, she thanked us and said “You All saved my life”.


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Turners Dental Education Academy in collaboration with Goethe university Master of oral Implantology - Frankfurt Germamy.
Date: 2013-10-03


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Oral Implantology – A certification course in affiliation with Goethe University, Frankfurt
Date: 2013-10-00

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European Association of Osseointegration EAO congress in 2013 Oct,Dublin.

Date: 2013-11-14


At the recently conducted European Association of Osseointegration EAO congress in 2013 Oct,Dublin,Dr.Turners actively participated in the scientific sessions and workshops. Infact there are ongoing studies and research done at their Dental Institute and Centers on how to grow bone around implants.How a dental implant interfaces with host bone in either optimal or suboptimal states in variable time spans.
At a recently held conference Dr.Turner addressed the rapt audience with the current scenario in the population in the world plagued with tooth loss …. ‘’ The loss of human teeth and the problems Concomitant have plagued mankind for many years now. Each year millions of people lose their teeth because of decay, disease, accidents, and even old age. About 55 million adult teeth are lost annually in the United States,and it is estimated that up to 30% of all adults have no natural teeth left. Thus, the problem is as real today as in antiquity.” Dental implants come just in time to meet the wants and needs of these patients who treat dental implants no longer as a luxury but a necessary part of their lifestyle. At Dr.Turners Institute dental implants are placed with scientific principles backed evidence in a sterile environment with the help of latest in 3D technology. This gives them an accurate placement ,time after time with no margin of error!

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Cosmetic Dentist

Date: 2013-11-14


Whenever we talk of cosmetic dentistry the first thing that comes to our minds is either teeth whitening or Ceramic Veneers to brighten a dull smile.

A skilled, experienced cosmetic dentist can help to improve your appearance, your smile, even your self-esteem, and confidence. Today, Dr. Turner has stressed the fact that cosmetic dentistry has continued to evolve to where cosmetic dentists can address functional and esthetic patient concerns. At Dr.Turners Cosmetic Dental Centers in Mumbai they craft beautiful smiles with sound scientific principles and at affordable costs which put together can only spell a success.


At Dr.Turners Dental and Implant Institutes , we are passionate about our patients and uncompromising in our technology. We are uncompromising in their comfort and quality. Put together, it is what makes our patients smile. And it is what makes us even better professionals .Whether your dental needs are simple or as complex, Dr. Turners and their highly qualified, caring team are here to solve them. Come, and enjoy highest quality dental care in a hygienic , clean and sterile environment, unlike anything you have ever experienced!

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Ceramic Veneers Mumbai

Date: 2013-11-14


Porcelain veneers make Dr. Turners patients smiles brighter, more youthful, and even stronger than before. Our team designs and completes head-turning smile makeovers  for our patients, with greatly enhanced durability and life-like appearance. Your bright, new smile could be only two appointments away!


How can porcelain veneers in help you? These small porcelain covers are created layer by layer by an experienced dental laboratory ceramist, under the direction of a very qualified cosmetic dentist. Dr.Turners Dental Centers are perhaps the only Center in India that have their very own state of the at Dental technological laboratory . By creating various thicknesses, shades, opaqueness and translucency in each layer their highly qualified ceramists bake a porcelain veneer that actually mimics how our natural teeth are constructed. With new, stronger and thinner materials, Dr.Turners Dental Cosmetic Centers in Mumbai can now be even more conservative with the preparation –yet still experience the same coverage and dazzling, realistic results!

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Implant Dentist Mumbai offering latest dental Implants

Date: 2013-11-22

At a recently held meeting on” Dental Implants and the prosthetic outcomes” conducted by renowned Master technician and Ceramist ,Germany , Mr. Schalansky , Dr. Turners and their associates keenly contributed on the current trend s in implant dentistry in the world with their thoughts and ideas to make this meet a success!

If you are disheartened with the current state of affairs in your oral cavity, or if your dentures are not allowing you to eat, smile and function like a normal human being, then dental Implants are just the answer for you. At Dr.Turners Dental Implant & Restorative Center in India Mumbai we restore not only the natural tooth function and of course your smile but also your confidence and zest to a better quality of life.

A dental implant is a titanium peg, anchored directly in the place of the missing tooth and is the most ideal treatment option to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants are the only option that directly replaces the root of the tooth, not just the tooth itself. During the healing period of around 3 months the titanium implant and bone fuse together forming a very strong and stable bond. After the osseointegration i.e. the healing is complete Dr.Turner fixes a beautiful, natural looking crown on top of the implant , that feels , looks and functions just like your natural teeth!

Dental implants are preferred because they provide stability for the new tooth and minimizes further bone loss when a tooth is missing which Dr.Turners always believe in “If you don’t use bone, you lose bone”. So if you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants may be your best option to restore strength, function and beauty- all in one!

Dr.Turners, have procured their Masters degree in Oral Implantology from the prestigious and world renowned Goethe University in Frankfurt Germany. The talented and highly skilled team is now chosen as mentors for other dentists at the Goethe University In Frankfurt .


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Modern implant technology at Dr. Turners Implant and Restorative Dental Centres in Mumbai

Date: 2013-12-01


Predictable and Safe clinical practice in implant dentistry requires an accurate investigation of the availability of bone for implant placement and the avoidance of critical anatomical structures. Dr. Turners and their highly qualified team of implantologist use modern imaging techniques like computed tomography (CT) and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) that provides the clinician with the required vital information. The imaging thus obtained provides accurate representation of the height, width and length of the available bone. In addition, accurate information about the bone density in Hounsfield units enables them to; understand the hardness or softness of the bone beforehand.


Modern software also provides the facility to decide interactively upon the correct positioning of the implants on the 3-D software of the jaws on the computer before the actual
implant placements in the mouth. Also with this vital information surgical guide for the accurate positioning of the implants can be constructed.

Their state of the art dental laboratory is equipped with CAD/CAM technology which completely eliminates the inaccuracies and ensures accurate and precise fitting implant
crowns and bridges that will last you a lifetime.

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Dental conference in Mumbai

Date: 2014-02-05


At a recently held  Dental conference, in Mumbai, India  Dr. Turner was an invited guest lecturer. He  delivered a lecture on the different aspects of  full mouth rehabilitation with Dental Implants and a combination of All Ceramic CAD-CAM dental crowns and veneers.

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