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Digital Dentistry involves the use of advanced computer-based technology to achieve predictable outcomes in dental practice. This includes the used of Cone Beam Computed Tomography, commonly known as CBCT, which provides a three-dimensional image of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. It has been embraced into dental settings rapidly due to its compact size, and low ionizing radiation when compared to medical computed tomography. It has additionally made the course of implant treatment more foreseeable. The integration of CBCT with implant planning software is leading to a new era which is slowly emerging as a revolutionary technology which allows supreme precision in implant practice which was earlier considered highly technique sensitive. The use of computer-aided design and computer aided milling makes the procedure of fabrication of ceramic prosthesis highly accurate. It eliminates the use of cumbersome impression materials and involves the use of intra-oral scanners which capture direct optical impressions. Hence the use of this new age technology not only helps the dentist to perform with more precision and accuracy but also promises the patients which the most satisfactory treatment. We at World Dental Specialties, have our own in-house Digital Cad Cam Laboratory that is equipped with leading world-class milling machines and dental design software for creating a very aesthetic and functional restoration.

Top Dental implant clinics in India located at Bandra, Byculla, Khar, tardeo in Mumbai

  • Looking for the Top Dental Implant Treatment & Trusted Patient Care in India?

Yes, you are at the right place.Dr turners Dental Speciality Center in India is the home of long-lasting, natural looking teeth and missing teeth.

Dr turners Dental Speciality Center is one of India’s trusted and top established Dental Implant clinics in India, with clinics in Mumbai, Byculla, Bandra and Tardeo.

Dental implants are more stronger and long last for there bridges and dentures(restorative counterparts).

Dental implants offers you a permanent tooth loss. Implants may be use for maximum effectiveness and conjunction with other restorative procedures.

For example, single implant tooth can support to a dental crown with the replacement of a single missing tooth.

Dental Implants replacement of multiple missing teeth also support the tooth of bridges and dentures and also reduce the gum tissue irritation and increase the stability of the the tooth.

Dental implants is having the  advantages tooth replacement treatments in comparison of the other treatment, however, there will occur some risk in some patients must consider this is only the disadvantage of the dental implant.

The dental implant treatment is more risky as compare to other treatment and preparing the implant in risky.

Blood vessels, healthy teeth and nerves and their roots should be avoided but it is very important but some time it should be avoided.

Final dental implant is of good positioning, so it should be precise, sometimes it is a  fraction of millimeter.

  • Why Should one have Dental implants?

The reason is that after implanting your decayed tooth it doesn’t seem to have that it is an implant teeth it look like a natural tooth and it does not occur any problem while eating our chewing.

Dental implants is replace one or several teeth without the need of your adjacent teeth.

Dental implants provides support to your teeth so that you don’t have to wear the removable partial denture.

If you decide to have your teeth to be more supportive as your natural teeth then you give more support to the natural teeth it is more comfortable.

Dental implant is helping to keep the jawbone integrity for the longer time.

  • Why Dental Speciality Center is India’s Top Dental Implants Clinic?

Our Dental Specialty Center boast our dental laboratory that is renowned and also best in caters to work as a dentist from India.

Our Dental implant lab is filled with a, technologically advanced PROCERA Nobelbiocare dental and highly sophisticated.

CAD/CAM scanner that scans the impressions the dentist makes, sends the scanned image via internet modem to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our Dental Specialty Center is filled with skilled technicians .

Our Doctors are qualified as B.D.S, M.D.S, MSc in Oral Implantology from Goethe Universitat Klinikum,Germany.

Dr. Turner is a fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International and a Consultant to the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre India.

Dental implant have a family friendly nature towards all the people.

Dental implant components value-for-money and treatment and uses only high quality of product.

Our dental biocare in India offers you Nobel Biocare dental implants.