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Once you lose you tooth, your jaw begins a deterioration process an remodels to a new shrunken height. Over time, bone can deteriorate so much that there becomes no support for facial muscles, making the face appear decrepit and sunken in. Dental implants stops bone loss and stabilizes bone height and width. By being the only tooth replacement solution that mimics the exact likeness of the tooth root and provides support of the jawbone they are the premier option for replacement of lost natural teeth.

Stage 1:After careful treatment analysis with a CBCT and 3 Dimensional planning on the software, the implants are virtually placed on the images of the jaw bone on the computer. This leads to a clockwork placement with no margin for error when placed directly into the jawbone where they will fuse through a process called osseointigration.

Stage 2: Once this process is complete, an abutment is now attached to the implant, which will hold your new tooth in place. The new tooth is made of porcelain, which looks and reflects light much like the natural tooth. When placed with skill and an artful eye, your dental implants and crowns will look and function naturally and beautifully.

Dental implants and crowns are dramatically life-changing . Chewing, speaking, and caring for your teeth are as easy and comfortable as if you had never lost a tooth in the first place. With proper maintenance and care, your 3rd set of fixed teeth is meant to last a lifetime.

All on four implants dentists in Mumbai, India uses Nobelbiocare implant systems.

Due to multiple problems in there oral health care the whole oral health care is deteriorated and they are needed for the Full Mouth Rehabilitation(Reconstruction).

Flawless restore and result In the oral health care is back to normal function if the dentist is executed the implant well.And the expertise of the dental implant is also well planned then the surgery is also good.

Patient’s primary and secondary problems are taken as the consideration while they are planning such numerous cases, there existing and expectation in oral condition and medical and ofcoursebudget constraints and time management if they are arrive at the particular case and treatment plan.

We at Turner’s have a highly skilled set of all the specialist and took a training from U.K and U.S.A and it also performs such as a exclusively complex procedures.

Microscopic precision are depend on these such cases of full mouth rehabilitation.

The dentist which planned for full mouth rehabilitation have much more experienced and training in there section.

With the help of our expertise in planning the treatment and carrying a excellent lab support we can give a patient a good treatment within a short period of time and we provide with a good brand of implant and make there teeth more gorgeous and build there self-confidence once again.